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Ten lakes on guided cycling tours

Ten lakes of different sizes surround Varese: Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Orta, Varese, Comabbio, Monate, Ganna, Ghirla, Brinzio. The area, with its lakes offers a unique mix of charms to lovers of cycling and a perfect mix of climbing and descending, of challenge and reward.

During your guided cycle tours you will mainly follow small and scenic roads, with few road signs. You can ride the best routes including those hidden lanes you aren't be able to find in a map.
Our region has a typically hilly and mountainous landscape and therefore the guided cycle tour profile is characterized by a continuous up and down.

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2024 Guided Cycling Tours

Guided cycling tours for small groups

Expect small groups up to 8/10 riders with a guide leading the way on the road.
The reason is to ensure the best riding.
In such a way we can garantee you the best quality and attention.
If there are more guests, it is better a split-up in two groups during the daily rides.

LNIBT can help you

  • to make your passion for cycling in new places a safer and a more convenient experience,
  • to make it easy to do what you love while you’re away from home without all the hassles of spending hours searching for safe cycling routes,
  • to make your cycling experience flexible, personal, exceptional.

Private Bike Tours

Take any of our tour itineraries and we’ll run it just for you, on dates that work for you.
Think about what you want to get out of your cycling experience. The more information you can provide us with, the better we can tailor your tour and experiences to your needs and tastes.

  • How far would you like to cycle each day?
  • How much is your average elevation gain throughout a daily ride?
  • Are you interested in tourist attractions?
  • How long would you like the tour to last?
  • What travel dates are you aiming for?

Private tours are designed around your desires, tastes and schedule.
Alternatively we provide a pre-made proposal as a starting point which can then be revised based on your feedback.
We are happy to provide you with far more room for flexibility and changes at every step of your experience.


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