Why Lakes of Northern Italy Bike Tours

A cycling holiday experience

The most equipped, enjoyable and flexible road cycling routes in Italy (1,600 km – 1,000 mi).
The Northern Italy's Lake District is a playground just made for cyclists who want to enjoy a cycling holiday experience.

A cycling holiday destination

We believe in the idea we can transform the Northern Italy’s Lake District in a cycling holiday destination for riders who are coming from all over the world and in a holiday place for non-riders as well.

Experience Varese and Lake Maggiore

Remain in our two hotels for the entire cycling holiday, so you can get a blend of advantages of what the town of Varese and the Lake Maggiore have to offer.
We are the hotel owners, the guides and the operators of our bike tours as well. The bike holiday experience and the hotels experience are tied together.

Services on cycling tour

Daily laundry service for your clothing during the cycling tour.
All meals are included: breakfasts, bike packs for your day's ride, afternoon buffets on your return to the hotel, and dinners.

Eight lakes on cycling tour

Easy access to eight lakes in the region: Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Como, Lake Orta, Lake Varese, Lake Comabbio, Lake Monate, Lake Ganna. Narrow climbs, fast downhills, undulating and up and down roads across valleys, hills and lakes together with a local guide during your cycling tour.

Not only biking here

We love to ride by bike for fun without forgetting to enjoy what our area has to offer: ancient villas, parks, churches and hermitages which were built from Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century, exibitions, history, art, culture. Not only biking here during your cycling holiday.

Biking gets us closer

Biking brings all of us together, and helps us find a common point of view on the bike tour. We believe that one of the greatest sources of pleasure is what happens during a ride and around a table when you'll come back at the hotel for the afternoon buffet.

Riding in small groups

The opportunity to plan each day's ride to suit the guests in small groups (8/10 riders).
A riding schedule that has you back to the hotel by mid-afternoon, so you can sit and taste our afternoon buffet when you come back from your day's ride.

Cycling tours for every rider

The climbs aren't long, generally from 2 km to 10 km (from 1.2 mi to 6.2 mi), but you can tackle them one after the other in succession.
You might think that this is not the place for more relaxed rides or for gentle and slow cycling.
However, we planned cycling tours where you can avoid cycling any big hills and medium sized hills as well.

Technical bike assistance on tour

Flat tyres, mechanical breakdowns, accidents or falls sometimes happened during your cycling holiday, however we always took our guests home quickly. Our guests are never abandoned, and the assistance is fundamental part of our rides.

Easy access from Milan Maplensa

Access to Milan Malpensa airport.
A 30 minute ride with van support to Varese.
An 1 hour and 15 minute ride with van support to Colmegna on Lake Maggiore.

Guaranteed bike tours

Our bike tours are guaranteed to run once we have one confirmed booking on the bike tour. If zero guests have booked one of our bike tours, we reserve the right to cancel it.