Bike Rental
Lake Maggiore,
Lugano, Varese

Bike Rental Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese

Dear guest,
depending on availability and size we provide a bike rental service of different brands and models.

    Basically we have two options for bike hire equipped with mechanical shifting:

  • Road bike - aluminium frame and carbon fork (See below),
  • Road bike - full carbon fibre frame and fork (See below).

If you apreciate we can set up the bike to your fit.
When you sign up for a cycle tour, we'll ask you to fill out our:

Bike Fit Form


Then send it by email to:



Such a way you can have the bike sets up, ready to tackle the road when you arrive to the hotel.

We also ask to have a little bit of flexibility on bike fit, as bike measurements and set up may not always be exactly like your own bike at home.
Keep in mind that one bike will never fit exactly like another, every frame is different.

Each rental bike comes with bottle cage, tube, tyre levers and a mini pump included in the hire fee.

We suggest to bring your own helmet, pedals, shoes and water bottles. There are too many types of pedals/cleats, therefore we suggest that you bring your own pedals and cycling shoes. Anyway we can provide flat pedals.

We provide the rental service  first and foremost to the guests who stay in our hotels.
However we'll see what we can do if you stay elsewhere.

bike rental Lake Maggiore, Italian lakes

Bike fit is of the utmost importance to us!

Help us to set-up your rental bike according to measurements of your own bike at home.

  • FC = Saddle height over bottom bracket. Center of the bottom bracket to top of the saddle along the centerline of the seat tube.
  • MA = Distrance between the nose of saddle and the center of the handlebars along the horizontal axis with the drop included.
  • AB = Saddle setback over bottom bracket, also called saddle fore/aft position. You can use a plumb line or a door frame for measuring the saddle setback (SEE_THE_PIC). To take the measurement drop a plumb line over the center of the bottom bracket. Measure from the plumb line to the nose of the saddle while your bike is on a level surface.
  • GM = Handlebars height. Center of front wheel axle to center of handlebars along the vertical axis. (Use the outside center of the quick release to make life easy).
  • You can also compute the “drop” TM (which is even more exact) by measuring the difference between the height of the top of the saddle from the ground and the center of handlebars from the ground along the vertical axis. We prefer this method when possible.
  • LD = Other measurement.
  • LE = Other measurement.

Inches/centimetres converter

bike rental Lake Maggiore, Italian lakes
bike rental Varese, Italy
bike rental Lake Lugano, Italian lakes

Road bike
full carbon fibre frame and fork

  • equipped with different brands,
    Chainset 50/34 - Cassette 11/28 (11 speeds) or similar
    - price to be confirmed -

Road bike
aluminium frame and carbon fork

  • equipped with Shimano 105,
    Chainset 50/34 - Cassette 11/28 (11 speeds),
    approx. 9kg weight
    - Days 1–2, € 40.00 per bike per day
    Please contact us for over days.

Rent a bike for exploring Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese

Do you find yourself spending a few days of holidays in the Italian-Swiss Lake District and would you like to explore the best lakeside riding and the mountainous roads in between?
We rent out bikes and arrange cycle tours around Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Varese. Our inland area is a succession of hills and mountains, with no end of itineraries to choose from, depending on your level of training.
The area is located on the southern most end of the Alps area, among Lombardy (Italy), Piedmont (Italy) and Canton of Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) close to Milan Malpensa airport.

Where will your bike take you?

  • Road cycling routes Lake Maggiore
    The area around Lake Maggiore has plenty for cycling routes and climbs along the side valleys especially in the upper part of the lake. The northern part of the lake is more sedate with the lake road typically wider than around Lake Como, and quieter than Lake Garda.

  • Road cycling routes Lake Lugano
    Lake Lugano is nestled between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como and lies partly in Switzerland and partly in Italy. It's surrounded by numerous villages, rolling routes and mountains offering splendid viewpoints.

  • Road cycling routes Varese
    You can find a collection of our usual cycling routes in and around Varese where to ride your bike, from leisurely spins to more sports-focused rides for those who do enjoy a high-adrenaline cycling holiday.

Not only bikes rental around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese

We don't only provide a bike rental service, but also guided group tours, private rides and rides on your own to make a cyclist's life easier in the Italian-Swiss Lake District.

LNIBT is the ONLY one who puts together on Google Maps:

Our 2024 Calendar

Take a look on our local tours and make the most of your holiday around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese.

Bike rental - advantages

  • Not having to worry about taking your bike apart, packing it up nicely in a bike bag or case, lugging it half-way across the world and building it back up again. And most of all, knowing you won't be running the risk of damaging your bike while in transit.

  • If you're planning on traveling before or after the biking portion of your trip, renting a bike allows you to get up and go as you please without having to worry about carrying a cumbersome case around with you or finding safe storage space for your bike.

  • You want a bike for a colleague or a friend visiting the Italian-Swiss Lake District.