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Varese cycling experience

This weekend cycling experience based in Varese in Northern Italian Lakes will let you enjoy these lakes and mountains around by bike. Varese is a hillside town located in Lombardy, close to Piedmont and to Switzerland, at the foothills of the Italian and Swiss Pre-Alps, a 41-minute ride from Milan Malpensa airport.
Lake Maggiore is 20km -13mi away, Lake Lugano 15km - 9mi, Lake Como 80km - 50mi. The southern end of area is relatively flat (approx 300 metres .a.s.l. – 990 feet .a.s.l.) and more peopled, but the northern end is hilly and mountainous (the peaks are approx 1.000 metres a.s.l. - 3,280 feet a.s.l. or more) as the lakes reach the foothills of the Alps in Switzerland.

This 4-day experience is for intermediate cyclists, who love to climb.
In just a few days you can see the best views and the hidden gems that the Varese region around Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano have to offer.
The Italian Lake District has some of the best cycling roads to suit a wide range of cycling abilities and skills because there is so much variety. The lake roads are flat and there are many roads up in the mountains for climbing.
Have a look at our Road Cycling Routes, so you can get the most out of the cycling experience.
Non-riding partners are welcomed along to share the experience with you.

Cycling experience based in Varese

Varese is very well-known for amatour cycling, having organised the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in 2018 and it also hosts the annual UCI Gran Fondo World Series Tre Valli Varesine in October.
The race course winds up and down among the Lakes of Lugano, Maggiore and Varese with some tough climbs in between.
Learn more about UCI Gran Fondo World Series Tre Valli Varesine.

Tourist attractions during the cycling experience

You can ride through wooded valleys, narrow climbs, fast descends without forgetting to enjoy what our area has to offer: ancient villas, parks, churches and hermitages which were built from Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century, exibitions, history, art, culture. In particular we suggest to visit Villa della Porta Bozzolo at Casalzuigno, Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso on Lake Maggiore and Sacro Monte of Varese (historic site on the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage List). Learn more about the best tourist attractions around.

2022 Weekend road bike tour prices per person in Euro

Double room
€ 770.00
Single room supplement
€ 140.00

Start location:
End location:
4 days, 4 nights, 3 days of cycling
8/10 guests
Level of difficulty:
intermediate and advanced
rarely flat, mostly undulating and hilly

Avg. daily distance:
main route 80 km – 50 mi
challenge route 94 km – 58 mi
Avg. daily ascent:
main route 1,501 m. – 4,923 ft
challenge route 2,009 m. – 6,591 ft
Varese cycling experience
Varese weekend bike tour
Lake Lugano cycling experience
Morcote cycling experience
Ardena cycling experience
Brinzio cycling experience
Ponte Tresa cycling experience
Porto Ceresio cycling experience

2022 scheduled dates

Apr 21st – 25th 2022
May 5th – 9th 2022
May 19th – 23 rd 2022
Jun 2nd – 6th 2022

Jun 16th – 20th 2022
Jun 30th - 4th 2022
Jul 14th – 18nd 2022

Jul 28th – Aug 1st 2022
Aug 11th – 15th 2022
Aug 25th – 29th 2022
Sep 8th – 12th 2022

Sep 22nd – 26th 2022
Oct 7th – 10th 2022
Oct 20th – 24th 2022

Our bike tours are guaranteed to run once we have one confirmed booking on the tour. If zero guests have booked one of our tours, we reserve the right to cancel it.

Other dates are possible and we'll create a departure especially for you if there is a minimum number of 4 guests and a maximum of 10 guests.

Included services in bike tour:

  • 4 nights in double room
  • 4 high-calorie continental breakfasts
  • 3 packet lunches, strengthened and protein content snack with bananas and sandwiches
  • 3 post ride lunches when you go back to the hotel
  • 4 dinners
  • Double occupancy as standard
  • A skilled bike guide
  • Maps and information material
  • The digital map of the routes drawn by us, so you can look at it on smartphone dispaly
  • Workstand tool bench for basic maintenance
  • Isotonic drinks or water for your ride
  • Washing and cleaning area for bikes
  • Daily laundry service for your cycle clothing
  • Bicycle recovery assistance in case of breakdown
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi
  • Car parking

Not included:

  • Bike hire
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical and physiotherapy services
  • Transfer to and from Airport
  • Entrance fees Castles, Villas, Museums
  • Any extra-beverage and other extras at dinner

Weekend Road Bike Tour Details / Daily Routes

Each day there are two or more ride options available each varying in distance and difficulty. Anyway the description is a draft. This is a general program to to demonstrate how your cycling esperience is structured. If you would prefer your rides include more distance, less distance or different climbs then please contact us, we are willing to provide you with rides that meets all your needs. We can change places, distances and climbs if all the people on the same tour agree. Please note that all routes are subject to change depending on local conditions.
We generally meet at the bikes around 8.00 for a 8.30 ride start. A coffee stop and a light lunch stop on the way are suggested during the daily ride. We go back to the hotel in the afternoon (14.00/15.00), where you can enjoy a post ride lunch. The rest of the day is relax time.

1 ~ Thursday - Arrival

After your arrival in our hotel there will be a pre-tour briefing.

Accomodation: Hotel Ungheria Varese

2 ~ Friday - Azzate, Angera, Gavirate, Monte Campo Dei Fiori

Main route: distance 83 km – 52 mi; ascent 1,114 m – 3,655 ft
Challenge route: distance 104 km – 65 mi; ascent 1,857 m – 6,092 ft
Major climbs: Sasso di Gavirate climb (5.4 km – 3.4 mi, avg. 3%, max. 6%), extra climb in the challenging option: Monte Campo dei Fiori climb (8.2 km – 5.2 mi, avg. 8%, max. 13%)
Accomodation: Hotel Ungheria Varese

The route in the Southern region of Varese is winding, with lots of ups and downs, through a number of small villages and through the gently rolling hillsides, among Lake Varese, Lake Comabbio, Lake Monate and Lake Maggiore. You can see the panoramic view from Azzate and then you reach Angera, a medieval town on the shores of Lake Maggiore. You tackle the Sasso di Gavirate climb and, if you want, the extra Monte Campo dei Fiori climb in the challenging route. From the summit of Monte Campo dei Fiori you can enjoy a wide view of the Alps and of Monte Rosa on one side and flatland on the other where you can see Lake Monate, Lake Comabbio and Lake Maggiore in the distance.

3 ~ Saturday - Laveno, Lake Maggiore, Luino, Lake Lugano, Ponte Tresa, Ardena, Lake Ghirla

Main route: distance 100 km – 62 mi; ascent 1,490 m – 4,888 ft
Challenge route: distance 102 km – 63 mi; ascent 1,740 m – 5,709 ft
Major climbs: Ardena climb (3.2 km – 2 mi, avg. 6%, max. 8%), extra climb in the challenging option: Marzio climb (3.4 km – 2.1 mi, avg. 8%, max. 10%)
Accomodation: Hotel Ungheria Varese

Let's get started on our exploration of the foothills to the North of Varese. The ride is undulating with only one slightly difficult climb starting from village of Brusimpiano on Lake Lugano: the Ardena climb. You ride cross three valleys: Valcuvia, Valganna, Valmarchirolo and along five lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Brinzio, Lake Ganna and Lake Ghirla. Along the route is located Villa Della Porta Bozzolo at Casalzuigno. If you want you can tackle the extra Marzio climb in the challenging route.

4 ~ Sunday - Lake Lugano loop : Ponte Tresa, Caslano, Morcote, Arogno, Porto Ceresio

Main route: distance 94 km – 58 mi; ascent 1,354 m – 4,442 ft
Challenge route: distance 116 km – 72 mi; ascent 2,114 m – 6,936 ft
Major climbs: Arogno climb (5 km – 3.1 mi, avg. 8%, max. 13%), extra climb in the challenging option: Sighigola climb from Arogno (11 km – 6.9 mi, avg. 7.5%, max. 13%)
Accomodation: Hotel Ungheria Varese

The route is a mostly flat ride around the Lake Lugano, almost completely in Switzerland. You cross the Valceresio Valley, and then the ride unwinds along Lake Lugano, with views and landscapes of Morcote, of Monte Generoso and of Monte Lema in Switzerland. Morcote lies ten kilometers south of Lugano. It is famous for the arcade buildings on the shores of the lake, some of which were constructed in the late Middle Ages. You may meet pro cyclists training in this area. In the main route you can tackle the Arogno climb. If you seek extra kilometres you can climb up Sighignola climb.

Other rides you can do during your stay in Varese:

A taste of UCI Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine

Main route: distance 98 km – 61 mi; ascent 1,912 m – 6,273 ft
Major climbs: Alpe Tedesco climb (4.7 km – 2.9 mi, avg.8%, max. 8%), Ardena climb (3.2 km – 2 mi, avg. 6%, max. 8%), Brinzio climb (5.2 km – 3.2 mi, avg. 3%, max. 8%), Roggiano climb (2.1 km – 1.3 mi, avg. 9%, max. 13% ), Sasso di Gavirate climb (5.4 km – 3.4 mi, avg. 3%, max. 6%)

This route (the short race course) can give you a feel for the race course of UCI Gran Fondo World Series Tre Valli Varesine which has taken place every year in Autumn. Of course you avoid the busier and boring roads for enjoing the most beautiful sections of the short race course. The route is winding, among the Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore and Lake Varese. You have to to tackle three climbs of the short race course: Alpe Tedesco, Ardena, and Brinzio, and two other climbs for connecting the sections of the route: Roggiano and Sasso di Gavirate. Learn more about UCI Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine

Madonna del Ghisallo via Lugano, Bellagio

Main route: distance 82 km – 51 mi (one-way); ascent 1,185 m – 3,890 ft
Major climbs: Madonna del Ghisallo climb (10.5 km – 6.5 mi, avg. 9%, max. 11%)

Today's ride has one focus: go up to the Shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo. The small Chapel is located at Magreglio (CO) between the two branches of Lake Como. It's venerated by international cycling as patroness of cycling and the place has become the focus of many riders' pilgrimages. You cross the Swiss pre-alpine mountains and you ride along Lake Lugano and Lake Como’s shores, passing through the lake side villages of Menaggio and Bellagio where the Madonna del Ghisallo climb starts.

Arcumeggia, Sant’Antonio, San Michele, option Passo del Cuvignone

Main route: distance 61.7 km - 38.3 mi; ascent 1.120 m - 4,003 ft
Challege route: distance 75.3 km - 46.7 mi ; ascent 1,354 m - 4,442 ft
Major climbs: Arcumeggia climb (3.6 km - 2.2 mi, avg. 7%), San Michele climb (2.4 km - 1.5 mi , avg. 10%), Brinzio climb (8.2 km - 5.1 mi, avg. 3.5%, max. 8%), extra climb in the challenging option: Passo del Cuvignone (9.5 km - 5.9 mi, avg. 8,2%, max. 13%)

This route takes you through the wooded hills North of Varese and it passes through several caratteristic village as the quaint village of Arcumeggia, known as “Painted Village”, the tiny village of San Michele and the medioeval village of Mesenzana. There are three climbs in the main route: Arcumeggia climb, San Michele climb and Brinzio climb. You can tackle a challenging climb in the avid option: Passo del Cuvignone. This climb however offers rewarding views across Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese and Monte Rosa. The Passo Cuvignone is many cyclists' favourite training ground.

Regional Park Monte Campo dei Fiori loop, option Sacro Monte and top of Monte Campo dei Fiori

Main route: distance 45 km - 28 mi ; ascent 540 m - 1,780 ft
Challenge route: distance 61,4 km - 38 mi ; ascent 1,345 m - 4,413 ft
Major climbs: Caldana climb (600 m - 0.4 mi, avg. 10%), extra climb in the challenging option: Sacro Monte and Monte Campo dei Fiori climb (8.2 km - 5.2 m, avg. 8%, max. 13%)

The ride follows the loop around the Regional Park Monte Campo dei Fiori. The main route passes through country villages as Orino, Cavona and Brinzio. If you are able to climb, you have the choice to straight up Sacro Monte of Varese, UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Site. Then you can carry on towards the summit of Monte Campo dei Fiori. The climb is challenging . From here a magnificent panorama opens before us of the Alps and of Monte Rosa on one side and flatlands on the other. Monte Campo dei Fiori is known as the “balcony of Varese”.

5 ~ Monday - Departure

Breakfast and departure.