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Cycling resources for riding around the Northern Italian Lakes

Resources for the travelling cyclists. You'll find cycle tourism information, the inspiration and tools you need to get out on the roads around the Northern Italian Lakes. Info for planning your own bike trip.

If you are thinking about visiting the area, there is so much here for cyclists. Read on for getting the most from Italian and Swiss lakes if you’re coming here to explore the mountains and the valleys around by road bike.

We are going to update the page or we are going to improve the articles quite often so you can share the best cycling experience around the lakes.

The page is divided in seven sections:

  1. Last articles
  2. Cycling routes
  3. Maps and climbs
  4. Local events
  5. Tourist attractions
  6. Travel info and timetables
  7. Curiosities

You can just click on the articles below to find information you could enjoy in and around the area.

Strava segments in the Swiss-Italian Lakes

Strava Cycling segments around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese: map and list

Strava users have created and labelled numerous Strava Cycling segments in the Swiss-Italian Lake District. We've rounded up several of them in an effort to convince people to consider cycling around Lake Maggiore, Lugano and Varese

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Lake Maggiore - Cycling Italian Lakes

Cycling in Italian and Swiss Lakes

The network of roads created to connect the glacial lakes between Italy and Switzerland provides the perfect setting for road cycling adventures

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Cycling Lake Maggiore Routes around Locarno Ascona

Bike map, routes, climbs around Locarno and Ascona on Lake Maggiore

Look at the bike map of Northern Lake Maggiore: eight suggested bike routes and climbs along the valleys around Locarno and Ascona in Switzerland

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Lake Maggiore cycle routes

Cycle routes close to Lake Maggiore: a cycling holiday destination

Lake Maggiore offers a true cycling holiday destination from April to October. Here you can find cycle routes, itineraries and resources around the Lake Maggiore. They are very popular with the local cyclists as well.

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Cycle routes Lake Lugano, Morcote

Cycle routes around Lake Lugano: a playground for cyclists

Lake Lugano is nestled between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como and lies partly in Switzerland and partly in Italy. It's surrounded by numerous villages, rolling routesand mountains offering splendid viewpoints and a true round cycling holiday destination. Cycle routes if you are a keen rider.

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Monte Campo dei Fiori Varese cycling

Cycling Varese: climbing up Sacro Monte and Monte Campo dei Fiori by bike is a must

On the top you can see the view of four lakes and Alpine chain. If the weather is good, you can see the Pianura Padana (Po Valley) and the tallest buildings in Milan as well.

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Cycle path Lake Varese

A guide to biking around Varese: flat riding and climbs

The Province di Varese is the area that lies between the Lake Maggiore and the Lake Lugano. Cycling around Varese gives you a great variety of different terrains as well as some of the best views of the surrounding landscape. The area offers something for everybody: some flat riding, undulating routes, good climbing.

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Malcantone map

Cycling in Malcantone: cycle routes close to Lake Lugano

There are plenty of cycle routes all around Malcantone for cycling enthusiasts. Several road bike routes are waiting to be explored. Our cycle tours offer a chance to explore the green hills and mountains of Malcantone where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views over Lake Lugano.

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bike tour Shrine Madonna del Ghisallo

Cycling Lake Como: Shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo

Visiting the Shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo is a must do for every cyclist. There are places in the world that boast to be the spiritual home of cycling: the Ghisallo, close to Lake Como, is one of these places

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Cycling routes in Italy

Bike maps and cycling routes in Italy

If you're mainly cycling on-road or use your race bicycle, then you can install directly the roadie-italy map to your GPS device.

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Northern Italian Lakes map

A detailed digital map of Northern Italian Lakes for smartphone

You can download the digital map: Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano, Lake Como.

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Varese map

Digital map for garmin GPS device around the Northern Italian Lakes

You can get the digital map for garmin GPS device that can guide you over the roads around the Northen Italian Lakes .

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Cycling tour Cuvignone climb

The top 10 road cycling climbs close to Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano

Take a look at the charts if you want to tie challenging road cycling climbs with undulating routes in the foothills of the Swiss-Italian Pre-Alps . We have designed rides which can involve these climbs.

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Lake Maggiore Borromean-islands cycling holiday

Bike maps and cycling database regarding Lake Maggiore, Como, Lugano, Varese

We have put together a small collection of digital maps you can easily print, paper maps, info regarding cycling routes and climbs across Northern Italy's Lake District.

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UCI Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine Varese

2019 Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine: race course map, route description

The UCI event is set for amateur cyclists. It will take place on the weekend of 5th and 6th October 2019 at Varese on roads used by 2018 Gran Fondo World Championships. Look at the route on Google Maps.

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road bicyle race Trofeo Alfredo Binda

2019 UCI road bicycle races in Northern Italian Lakes

Trophy Alfredo Binda - UCI Women's World Tour, Trofeo Da Moreno - UCI Nations Cup Women Junior, UCI Gran Fondo World Series Tre Valli Varesine, Tre Valli Varesine - UCI Europe Tour, Giro di Lombardia - UCI World Tour are the most important 2019 cycling events.

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UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

In 2018 Varese hosted the Gran Fondo World Championships

2,500 cyclists from around the world took part in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships around the lakes near Varese.

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Gardens Palace Estense Varese

The best tourist attractions around Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Varese: a Digital Tourist Map

Here's our digital tourist Map showing the best tourist attractions and info around Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Varese at the foothills of the Alps in Northern Italy. Discover where to go, what to do and see off the bike.

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Gardens Palace Estense Varese

Varese: a perfect launchpad for your cycling holiday, but also Villas and Gardens to see

Nestled in the foothills of the Swiss-Italian Prealps, Varese is the perfect launchpad for your cycling holiday from which to explore by bike the cycling routes around Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano

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Tourist attraction close to Lake Maggiore: Villa Della Porta Bozzolo in Casalzuigno

During your cycling holiday you can see a 16th-Century wooded Press for squeezing, a Mill for grinding walnuts and hazelnuts for oil, the Wine Cellar with ancient casks and barrels, a 16th-Century refrigerator for storing foods.

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Tourist attractions in Varese: Villa Litta Menafoglio Panza

Varese and its hills offer cycle routes and tourist attractions: Sacro Monte di Varese (which is on the list of UNESCO Worldwide Heritage sites), Villa Litta Menafoglio Panza, Palace Estense and the Gardens

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Tourist attractions on Lake Maggiore: Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

Not only biking here, during your cycling holiday. One of the main tourist attraction of the Lake Maggiore. Its position on the lake is extraordinary and particularly spectacular, at the foot of a formidable rock cliff.

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Monteviasco: a tiny village with no paved roads, no traffic lights, no cars

Monteviasco is perched on a hillside and appears like a remnant from an ancient civilization where the time has stopped. You can only get on foot or by cable car. We are in Veddasca Valley overlooking the town of Luino.

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Arcumeggia cyclists

Keen cyclists looking to cycle close to Lake Maggiore could climb up Arcumeggia village: an "open-air fresco gallery"

Arcumeggia is a small village near Casalzuigno that lies in the valley of Valcuvia. During your cycling holiday you can climb up there by bike throught two routes: from Porto Valtravaglia on the Lake Maggiore or from Casalzuigno in Valcuvia Valley.

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Travel info Lombardy railway map

Northern Italian Lakes travel information: railways maps

If you need info about maps and timetables to get around by train across Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Varese.

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LNIBT blog

Cycling info: navigation on Lake Maggiore

Timetables (PDF) till 13th October 2019.
We are going to update the timetables by 13th October 2019. Useful info on how visit Lake Maggiore and its Borromean Islands with your own bike during your cycling holiday.

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LNIBT blog

Navigation on Lake Como: timetables and digital map

Timetables (PDF) till 25th May 2019.
We are going to update the timetables by 25th May 2019. Read More

Vincenzo Nibali Lake Lugano

Many of the world’s top pro cyclists live in Northern Italy's Lake District

A good number of pro road cyclists have made their home here. The area around Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano is their playground, so you might at any moment see a famous cyclist ride past during your cycling holidaystrong>.

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AIS European Training Centre on Lake Varese The AIS European Training Center is located in town of Gavirate on Lake Varese. The location was chosen for its good climatic conditions, easy access to Malpensa international airport in Milan (29 km from Gavirate), quiet roads for training and travel to training facilities.
Cycling Varese Alfredo Binda

Cycling Varese: Alfredo Binda and Luigi Ganna from Varese

A look at the local history of cycling during the early years of 20th Century. Alfredo Binda won five times the Giro d'Italia and three times the Road World Championships. Luigi Ganna won the first Giro d'Italia held in 1909.

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Lake Brinzio

Cycle Brinzio: the legend of the whale in the Lake Brinzio.

There is a curious legend about it. Since then the lake became known as the “Whale Lake”.

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A guide to ride with around Northern Italian Lakes

Looking for a guide to ride with around Northern Italian Lakes

Get in touch if you are interested in doing one-day bike trips with a guide around Varese. Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano.

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