About Us

Who we are, our story, our Mission Statement

Who We Are

LNIBT's brand was born by aggregating a number of people operating in the Lake District between Italy and Switzerland: hotel owners, cyclists, bike shops.
We aren't a bicycle tour company.

GpsVarese manages the bike routes, the rides and off-the-bike activities.

Eco Hotel Ungheria is located in the town of Varese at the foot of Regional Park of Monte Campo dei Fiori.

Relais Villa Porta, located in Colmegna village, is an historic villa directly on the Lake Maggiore and surrounded by a centuries-old park.

We are located on the southern most end of the Alps, in the area among Lombardy (Italy), Piedmont (Italy) and Canton of Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland).

Every member of our team is focused on clear communication, timely responses and a dedication to details.
In short, we work cohesively to deliver quality.

We are always looking for skilled team members with a positive approach.
If you feel that you are a good fit for our team we would love to hear from you!

Our Story

A story of bikes, passion and attention to details

Our Lake District has long been a destination for Italian and Foreign road cyclists like you.

Varese hosted the 2008 UCI Road World Championships. Every year the UCI Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine takes place on the same race course of the 2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.
Trophy Alfredo Binda - Women's World Tour, Tre Valli Varesine - Europe Tour and Tre Valli Varesine Women's Race - Women Elite are other local road cycling events.
There is so much here for road cyclists like you, however so far, no one has never put together and shared detailed and accurate info regarding cycling resources to make your rides smooth, easy, and adventurous.

road cycling world championship Varese
road cycling world championship Varese
road cycling world championship Varese
UCI Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine
Trophy Alfredo Binda - Women's World Tour
Trophy Alfredo Binda - Women's World Tour
Tre Valli Varesine - Europe Tour
Tre Valli Varesine - Europe Tour
Gran premio Lugano

For this reason local cyclists like you created both GpsVarese.it and then LakesNorthernItalyBikeTours.com to make it easy to do what you love without all the hassles of spending hours searching for safe cycling routes and excellent climbing routes.
They've created both of these from scratch, built out of their passion for cycling and our region plus an absolute ton of work, late nights and hard graft!

GpsVarese.it works for two-wheeled visitors like you who loves a cycling experience on your own only.
LNIBT.com works for riders like you who enjoys the cycling experience and the hotel experience tied together.
GPSVarese.it isn't a mobile-friendly website, it's an old website, so you can browse it on your desktop only.
However you can read similar contents at cycling resources

road cyclists like you have helped to improve info and contents year after year.
Suggestions and tips are welcomed at: info

Why a guided tour with LNIBT?

Why to ride with LNIBT?
Because we are the hotels owners, the guides and the operators of our bike tours as well, so the cycling experience and the hotel experience are tied together.

Why the two experiences are tied together?
Because in such a way you can get the most out of your holiday around ten lakes. Expect small groups or private tours when you ride with us and our guided tours are guaranteed to run once we have one confirmed booking on the tour.

Why a small group or a private tour is important?
Because you can get the respect the physical distancing measures both when you ride and when you stay in hotel, so you can appreciate the climbs and enjoy better the breath-taking Pre-Alpine scenery, giving you the space to discover the things we want to share and the things that make us unique.

Why we want sharing the things that make us unique?
Because we are passionate and proud of our region. By sharing our cycling resources we aim to inspire your cycling adventure around the lakes.
Our end goal is to have you as our guest for a lifetime.

Why to ride on your own with accomodation at our hotels?

Both excellent climbing routes and undulating rides around ten lakes.
Equipped, enjoyable and flexible road cycling routes (1,600 km – 1,000 mi) suited for a pro cyclist as well.
Take a look at Road cycling routes and enjoy the breath-taking Pre-Alpine scenery around ten lakes.

We've created a map and a list of climbing Segments on Strava in the Italian-Swiss Lake District to help you plan your own rides.
100+ climbs. Climbing segments categorized HC, 1, 2, 3.

You can browse a small website where we've written down the essential characteristics of 24 road bike routes that leave from our two bases (map, description, elevation, gpx file).
12 from Varese and 12 from Colmegna on Lake Maggiore.
Ask our hotels.

The Lake District is well-integrated into the Swiss rail network from the North via the Gotthard Pass or via Simplon Pass througt the Swiss Alps and into the Italian rail network via Milan or via Como.
Easy access from Milan Malpensa airport: Varese is only 41 min. train ride from the airport.

Our Mission Statement


What We Belive In.We believe in the idea of sharing our knowledge of the Lake District and the things that make us unique with the cyclists who are coming from all over the world. We promote a sustainable tourism activity and we respect the physical distancing measures.


we're in love with biking.We love to cycle, whether a tough ride into the mountains or a leisurely spin around, without forgetting to enjoy what the Lake District between Italy and Switzerland has to offer: narrow climbs, fast downhills, ancient villas, parks, churches and hermitages which were built from Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century, exibitions, history, art, culture. Not only biking here during your cycling experience.


The map of the routes drawn by us.We will give the digital map of the routes drawn by us to our guests, so you can look at it on smartphone dispaly. You can stay in our hotels during your experience. We are the hotels owners, the guides and the operators of rides as well. The cycling experience and the hotels experience are tied together. Expect small groups and be safe in the knowledge that we’ve meticulously scheduled the rides offering the quietest roads.


biking gets us closer.Biking brings all of us together, and helps us find a common point of view on the rides. We believe that one of the greatest sources of pleasure is what happens during a ride and around a table when you'll come back at the hotel for the post ride lunch.


Our Passion Has Become Our Job.Our passion has become our job, so we can dedicate our daily lives to research, to create and to improve our own bike tours and services for non-riders as well. We know the the roads and the local means of transport like the back of our hand.


Who are our guests.Our guests are cyclists who love both climbing and the simple pleasures of riding a bike. We offer rides for cyclists of all abilities and inclinations. Our guests are never abandoned and the assistance is fundamental part of the cycling experience.


In This We're Together With You.We love to listen to our guests, both cyclist and non-cyclist, and to learn by you, so we can together improve our overall offering each year.


Your trust is earned every day.Ask us, so we'll see how we can help you. In all ways, we promise to be scrupulously honest.


The End Goal.Our end goal is to have you as our guest for a lifetime.
On that note, we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Photographer: Lakes Northern Italy Bike Tours
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Credit: Lakes Northern Italy Bike Tours