Bespoke cycle tour
Italian-Swiss Lakes

If you are a group of like-minded people,
let us know and we can customise rides
for you around the Italian-Swiss Lake District.

Create the cycling holiday with Lakes Northern Italy Bike Tours and enjoy your rides in the Italian and Swiss Lake District.

If you are a group of like-minded people, let us know and we can customise rides for you.
You decide the level of riding (distance, speed, climbing), so we and our hotels can arrange everything around that.
Send us a broad outline at this address:

Let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to create a tailor-made cycling experience for you and your companions.
We are able to build a route that satisfies your climbing and distance needs.

Lakes Maggiore, Lugano, Varese and Como offer an abundance of incredible routes and locations to discover by bike. You can head off the main roads from most of the towns and up into the hills which are forested and cool.

The Italian and Swiss Lake District has a bit of everything. You can ride roads relatively flat along the lakes, a few undulating sections, which allows you to take in the whole diversity of the lakes, or tough climbs.

There are a few loops you can ride, allowing you to go back to the hotel in the afternoon for the post ride lunch.
This is a flexible area offering you the opportunity to ride through back roads, to extend or shorten the rides depending on your fitness level. Find out our cycling resources.

Cycle tour, Italian-Swiss Lakes
Cycle tour, Lake Maggiore
Cycle tour, Varese
Cycle tour, Italian-Swiss Lakes District
Cycle tour, Lake Lugano
Cycle tour, Italian Lakes
Cycle tour, Swiss Lakes
Cycle tour, Como

Italian-Swiss Lake District cycling experience

We have tour suggestions and are willing to customize them just for you.

You will avoid the stresses of navigation and planning the route, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Make the most of your cycling experience in the Italian and Swiss Lake District and let a guide of ours shows you around the area.

This way, you will be led to the best local roads and enjoy top climbs without having to do the research yourselves.
We have extensive knowledge of the area and will only take you to the best places and appropriate riding roads.
We will tailor the ride to the your needs and will be on hand to help you plan the day to ensure you get the ride you are looking for.