Any question about cycling experiences in the Italian and Swiss Lake District?

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Where will I stay?
You will stay in our two hotels during your cycling experience, so you can get a blend of advantages of what the town of Varese and the Lake Maggiore have to offer.
Our bases are at Eco Hotel Ungheria in the town of Varese at the feet of Regional Park of Monte Campo dei Fiori and at Relais Villa Porta in Colmegna village, an historic villa directly on the Lake Maggiore and surrounded by a centuries-old park.
We are hotel owners, cyclists, bike shops. We aren't a travel company.
What’s it like there? Which lakes are you talking about?
Please look at Road Cycling Routes
If I book a cycling experience, can I be guaranteed that it will run?
Yes, you can.
Our cycling experiences are guaranteed to run once we have one confirmed booking on the bike tour.
If zero guests have booked one of our bike tours, we reserve the right to cancel it.
Can I bring my own bike? Is it safe?
Yes, you can.
If you have a favorite bike, it would be a shame not to ride it on our roads.
There is a locked bicycle storage room with CCTV, where the bikes are protected against weather and thieves. We also have a bike workshop with a bench, bike stand and racks.
Do you provide pedals?
There are too many types of pedals/cleats, therefore we suggest that you bring your own pedals and cycling shoes. Anyway we can provide flat pedals.
What type of bikes do you rent?
Please take a look at Bike rental page.
You have to complete a Bike Fit Form, so we ensure that when you will arrive here the bike will fit you perfectly.
If you need any specific bike, please don't hesitate to contact us ahead of your stay and we will do our best to help you.
Bike rentals are only available to guests who stay at our hotels and they have mechanical shifting.
Do you have fixed start days and end days?
Yes, we do.
We have guided tours with scheduled dates during the season: Weeklong road bike tours, Escape road bike tours, Weekend road bike tours, Gentle cycling tours .
However if you want tailored dates for arrival or departure and rest days, please send us a broad draft to this address: info@lakesnorthernitalybiketours.com and we’ll come back to you.
Can I choose different routes within the same group ride?
Yes, it is possible to mix and match routes for different levels of fitness within the same group. We will help to adapt the routes to suit your own needs.
I love ride my bike on my own. What is your offering?
You can stay at our hotels.
We have put together a mini website (routes, descriptions and cycling info on Google).
Ask our two hotels where we are based. Please look at 24+ road bike routes starting from the door of our two bases.
Who goes on your rides?
The one thing that all our guests share is a love of being outdoors by bike. Our guests come from many backgrounds, they have many and varying abilities: from the casual cyclist to the serious amateur cyclist wanting to test themselves on challenging climbs.
Is there a maximum group size?
Expect small groups up to 8 riders with a guide leading the way on the road.
The reason is to ensure the best riding.
In such a way we can garantee you the best quality and attention.
If there are more guests, it is better a split-up in two groups during the daily rides.
We are leaving all together, probably we are going to ride on the same route, but in two groups.
Is the tour suitable to my fitness level?
Please have a look at Level of Difficulty page.
How do you accomodate the different needs on the same daily ride on tour?
We all together leave, as a team. Generally each daily route has a main route and and a longer one after a few kms, so you can take a shortcut or tackle the longer way.
However the last part of the daily route is the same. In such a way there are opportunities of meeting and regrouping before going back together to hotel for the post ride lunch in the afternoon.
Each day there are two or more ride options available each varying in distance and difficulty.
Day by day we can suggest multiple ride options to accommodate the different needs.
What kind of assistance can I expect on the road?
When you’re riding you’ll always have at least one guide on the road with the group.
The guide leads the way on the road giving you the flexibility to ride at your own pace expecially along the climbs. There is no vehicle support.
All guests will receive access to our digital maps and routes on Google My Maps, giving everyone the flexibility to ride at their own pace.
Flat tyre, mechanical breakdowns, accidents or falls sometimes happened, however we always take our guests home quickly.
Our guest are never abandoned, and the assistance is a fundamental part of our rides.
Regardless we regularly regroup in various locations or at the top of climbs.
What kit or accessories should I bring?
Bib shorts, short sleeve jersey, a rain jacket, socks, gloves, helmet and one or two water bottles. However, depending on the period you come here (Spring or Autumn), we recommend for you to bring some extra warm clothes like arm warmers, leg warmers, bib tights, long sleeve jersey.
What about the timing of the day?
We generally meet at the bikes around 8.00 for a 8.30 ride start. A coffee stop and a light lunch stop on the way are suggested during the daily ride. We go back to the hotel in the afternoon (14.00/15.00), where you can enjoy a post ride lunch. The rest of the day is relax time.
Can I do laundry my cycle clothing on tour?
Yes, a daily laundry service for your cycle clothing is an included service in guided bike tour.
How does the payment work?
To reserve a deposit of € 500,00 per person is required. A reservation will not be considered to be finalized until this deposit is received. The reservation must be in written form (email to: booking@lakesnorthernitalybiketours.com) and confirmed by LNIBT.
The balance of your payment is due directly in hotel at your departure.
Read more about Terms and Conditions
How can I get there?
Please have a look at: How to Get Here and travel information.
Can LNIBT help out with travel arrangements?
From our experience we see that people often prefer to arrange their own travel to and from the location of the tour.
We aren't a travel agent and we don't partner with a travel agent. However we are happy to give you any suggestion to arrange this.
Have a look at our two pages: How to Get Here and travel information.
Feel free to ask anytime.
What will the weather be like on tour?
Please have a look at: How to guess the wet weather
What happens to a scheduled ride if the weather is really bad?
Assuming that a drop of rain is not a show stopper for any cyclist, we always want to prevent dangerous situations. Should the weather conditions cause a risk or simply be so lousy that any fun is out of sight, we will pospone the ride and will find a new solution.
Do hotels have wifi service?
Yes, both hotels have free internet wifi.
Are there any off-the-bike activities?
Yes, there are.
We love to ride by bike for fun without forgetting to enjoy what our area has to offer: ancient villas, parks, churches and hermitages which were built from Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century, exibitions, history, art, culture.
Read more on Activities off-the-bike page and on tourist attractions to see during your stay.
Are all meals included during the tour?
Yes, they are.
Breakfasts, packed lunches for your day's ride, post ride lunches on your return to the hotel, and dinners.
What if I have a food allergy or intolerance?
There is no problem. Please, let us know if you want a gluten-free diet, a lactose free diet, or if you have any preferences or special requests concerning about the food. We also provide vegetarian or vegan options.
We see what we can do.
For any information: info@lakesnorthernitalybiketours.com