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Cycling holidays
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Cycling holidays

Cycling holidays
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Cycling holidays across Northern Italy's Lake District

Lake Maggiore, Varese, Lugano, Como Activities Off-the-bike Road cycling routes

A cycling holiday destination

By simply we believe in the idea to transform the Northern Italy’s Lake District in a cycling holiday destination for riders who are coming from all over the world and in a holiday place for non-riders as well. The Lake District in Northern Italy is the most equipped, enjoyable and flexible road cycling area in Italy (1,600 km – 1,000 mi).

It's located on the border between Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy at the foot of the Alps. It's a perfect location for a cycling holiday due to a huge number of roads suitable for cyclists and a climate that’s mild most of the year round.

The four most important lakes are Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Varese and Lake Como. Between and around there are several minor lakes such as Lake Orta, West of Maggiore, Lake Monate and Lake Comabbio, South Varese, and Lake Ganna, Lake Ghirla and Lake Brinzio midway between Varese and Lugano.

Where to ride on cycling holidays

We love to give you the opportunity to experience the valleys in many aspects, the pictoresque villages, the lakes, mountains and the hidden roads along the way. Thanks to the vastness and diversity of territory, you will easily ride along the shore of the lakes and the banks, or you will toil to climb the valleys of our territory. Lago Maggiore, Lugano and Como have steep shores which are studded with pastel villages and villas with beautiful gardens.

It's a playground for cyclists, offering outstanding road cycling for all skill levels.
We love to ride by bike for fun without forgetting to enjoy what the Northern Italian Lakes have to offer: narrow climbs, fast downhills, ancient villas, parks, churches and hermitages which were built from Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century, exibitions, history, art, culture. Not only biking here during your cycling holiday.

Take on the climbs

The roads following the lakes can get a little busy in the height of summer but there are many easy to access climbs that take you away from the shoreline and deliver a double opportunity of views and seclusion. You can takle short climbs from 2 km to 5 km, or longer and tougher climbs. You’ve probably never heard of them, but there’s some massive and excellent climbs in the area. Find out the toughest 10 climbs around, hoping that one day you will have the opportunity to climb up them and coast down them.

You might think that this is not the place for gentle and slow cycling. However, we also planned cycling tours where you can avoid any big hills and medium sized hills too. We are adept at avoiding as many as possible main busy roads during your cycling holidays.
Have a look at our guided tours below.

Our Bike Tours in Northern Italian Lakes

Cycling holiday Italian Lake District


If you are a group of like-minded people,
let us know and we can customise rides
for you across the lakes of Northern Italy.