2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Series Tre Valli Varesine in Varese

The UCI event is set for amateur cyclists. It will take place on the weekend of 5th and 6th October 2019 in Varese on roads used by 2018 Gran Fondo World Championships. Time trial on Saturday and road race on Sunday.
Look at the road race course on Google Maps. Blue marker icons where the climbs start and yellow marker icons where the climbs end. Below you can read the route description as well.

UCI Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine Varese

The road race is over a rolling course with no steep sections or long climbs. Start and finish are in Varese close to Palace Estense and its Gardens. There are two race course: the Gran Fondo (130 km with 1,950 m. of climbing) and Medio Fondo (105 km with 1,450 m. of climbing).
The route is winding, among the Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore and Lake Varese and you have to to tackle several climbs: Alpe Tedesco, Ardena, Montegrino, Villaggio Olandese, Brinzio and Casbeno. You have to tackle six climbs in the long race course (Gran Fondo) and four climbs in the shorter race course (Medio Fondo).
The course also includes two short cobbled sections at Roggiano Valtravaglia and Rancio Valcuvia.

Road race course map and route description

Look at the road race course on Google Maps. Blue marker icons where the climbs start and yellow marker icons where the climbs end.

Most of the hills are on narrow, wooded roads. The climbs are generally are short (3-5 km) with average gradients of 4-7%. In between the hills are flat sections around the three lakes (Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese).
There are also two sections of pavé to watch out for. The first one is up a short stretch at Roggiano Valtravaglia (after climb 4) and the second easier section is at Rancio Valcuvia, just before the Brinzio climb (climb 5).

The first 12 km is a combination of gentle uphill and false flat out of Varese which lead you to the first climb of the race: the Passo del Tedesco. A 4.7km climb averaging 7% with some tight hairpins. The gradient is pretty consistent at 7 to 8%.
From the top of the climb you then have a quick and technical descent down to Lake Lugano. This is a relatively straight forward descent. As soon as you turn out of Lake Lugano you are onto the second climb: the Ardena climb. A 3.2km climb averaging 6% - 8%, the first part of the climb is steeper than the second half. Then you have to tacke a 10 km undulating stretch.

At Bosco Valtravaglia village the Medio Fondo makes the shortcut towards Mesenzana village, so you have to tackle only Brinzio climb and Casbeno climb to go.
The third climb towards Montegrino on the Gran Fondo course is a 1.8km climb averaging 6% - 10% before descending to Lake Maggiore.
Then you have to tackle a short climb: Villaggio Olandese climb (a 2km climb averaging 8% - 10%) between Brezzo di Bedero e Roggiano Valtravaglia. The climb is narrow and wooded. Like Alpe Tedesco, this is another technical descent since the road is narrow and sightlines are often poor. Take care coming into the village of Rogiano Valtravaglia as there are 90 degree bends on narrow roads around ancient buildings.

Then there is Brinzio climb (a 5.2km climb averaging 3% - 8%, the first 4 km of the climb is a steeper than the second part). At the top of the Brinzio climb there’s a 5 km flat wooded section, before the road descends from Orino through the plains near Lake Varese.
What follows is a long 30km stretch on flat roads close to the Lake Varese before the final 3 km who again go uphill towards downtown Varese. That's Casbeno climb from the Lake Varese to downtown Varese (a 3km climb averaging 6% - 8% through the town). The finishing straight is quick and flat making the last climb decisive.
The finish is pretty quick on a wide, flat section in front of the Palace Estense and its Gardens.

Time trial course

The 22km time trial with start and finish next to the Varese Hippodrome is challenging with a first upgoing part towards Ganna village to return over the same roads towards the finish.

Uci Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine Varese

2019 UCI Gran Fondo Varese - program

  • Individual Time Trial on Saturday 5th October
  • Road Races on 6th October

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