Install bike map for Garmin GPS device around the Northern Italian Lakes

If you are biking with a Garmin GPS or a compatible device, you can install the map (73 MB) of Northern Italian Lakes onto your device that can guide you over the roads around Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano and Lake Como.
We downloaded it from the website We uploaded it in our Garmin GPS devices, then we tested it on our roads. It correctly runs.

Install directly to GPS device without access to Garmin Mapsource or Garmin Basecamp. Simply copy the file roadie-LNIBT.img (in this case roadie-LNIBT.img - 57 MB in zipped or compressed format) to your GPS into the /garmin folder or to SD card where it's available.

Lern more about map download, tutorials, suggestions and compatibility at:

Varese map

Downtown Varese map

What's the Northern Italian Lakes map like

We’ve found that the map are typically better in towns as they are updated much more frequently, whereas Garmin maps tend to be more accurate in unpopulated areas. Across the board, Garmin maps are more likely to be consistent but you obviously have to pay for that luxury. However we haven't found a real different between Openmtbmap and Garmin map. Chech the compatibility with your device.

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